Les séries : Leur impacts dans nos vies

Since the introduction of television into our lives in the 1920s (the era of film, cinema and television), the world has never been the same when it comes to entertainment. Television has had a major impact on the way we spend our leisure time. TV shows have introduced us to a totally different perspective that […]

Un autre Kenya : Destins Croisés d'une Afrique Décolonisée

At the end of the 19th century (1885), the great European powers were not getting along. Between the 1870s and the beginning of the 20th century, the “race to share Africa” saw Europeans invade and colonize almost the entire continent. Despite their distrust and differences, this “sharing” was carried out in a relatively orderly fashion, […]

L'Altruisme Efficace : Agir pour un Meilleur Impact

I recently came across effective altruism and I have been very taken by the concept. Effective altruism is a project that aims to find the best ways to help others and implement them. It is basically about doing good as effectively as possible. Its motto states that charity begins where we can help the most […]

L’hameçon et le plomb : Le Récit Éphémère de la Vie

In the recent past, I have been grappling with this thing called the meaning of life. I feel like I have been had. I had a pretty normal upbringing that did not prepare me for the world that is today. I guess the truth is the same for many people grappling with meaning, identity and […]


Androgyny is the perfect blend of femininity and masculinity where one is not afraid to experiment with masculinity and femininity. It means being in charge of my identity.  It is the freedom to experiment and just have fun with fashion without fear of having to conform to labels that society is constantly trying to impose […]

Corps anthropocène

The term “Anthropocene,” which literally means “the time of humans,” signifies that humans have significantly altered the chemical and geological makeup of Earth. Humans are now considered the main driver behind global geological change on our planet. This alteration encompasses both the physical and social dimensions of the body, as well as the ways in […]

(INC-3): Traité mondial sur la pollution plastique à Nairobi


Countries met in Kenya to thrash out a global plastic pollution treaty. The third session of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee (INC) witnessed a significant turnout, with over 1,900 delegates representing 161 member states and the European Union. Additionally, over 318 observer organisations, including UN entities, intergovernmental organisations, and NGOs, participated in the session. This follows […]

Outils de Motivation et d'Incitation au Changement de Comportement

Motivating and spurring behavioural change presents a formidable challenge, yet numerous tools and strategies exist to facilitate this transformation. Achieving a sustainable future will require that people do things differently. It is vital to acknowledge that altering behaviour is indeed attainable. The pivotal first step involves a comprehensive comprehension of the underlying causes driving the […]

Espaces Abandonnés : La Beauté de la Nature

Abandoned spaces are places that have been left empty and unused for a period of time. They can be found all over the world in all scales, from abandoned towns and villages to abandoned factories, hospitals, and schools. Abandoned spaces may seem eerie and forgotten, but they can also be strangely beautiful and evocative, transporting […]

Neo-Ruralism : The Change from City to Country

Hope for a healthy future Neo-ruralism is a socio-cultural movement that has gained momentum in recent years, reflecting a shift in the way people perceive and interact with rural areas. This movement encourages individuals to reconnect with rural environments, often driven by a desire for a simpler and more sustainable way of life. Neo-ruralism stands […]