Steve Thairu Mbaki

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Series : Their impact on our lives

Since the introduction of television into our lives in the 1920s (the era of film, cinema and television), the world has never been the same when it comes to entertainment. Television has had a major impact on the way we spend our leisure time. TV shows have introduced us to a totally different perspective that reality isn’t always our own. It has helped us get through difficult times and taught us more than we knew.

Television has given rise to TV series that have helped us forge links with our families. TV series appeal more to young people than to adults, because they try to embody what we see in them. Television has brought like-minded people together through their shared love of different programs. Before the advent of the Internet, watching television was a social event. Friends and family gathered to watch and enjoy their favorite programs. Today, programs fuel massive conversations on the internet. We have many choices.

Live series are another way in which television has changed the world. We can now watch live broadcasts from the comfort of our sofa. From the World Cup to other sporting events, televisions have enabled fans to enjoy live shows from the comfort of their sofa.

Cooking shows such as Le Chef and Barefoot Contessa have influenced the way we consume the food and products we buy. This influence has extended to restaurants and the way they present their dishes, with an emphasis on quality and presentation. TV programs promoted social mobility and social maturity, and activated individuals for social services, but had a negative effect on the fulfillment of social responsibilities.

Series have shaped fashion and the way we consume it. Series like Sex and the City and Gossip Girl are a good indicator of how fashion has been consumed. The Manolo Blahnik brand saw its sales increase thanks to the series, the Dior bag became “a thing” thanks to the series and they influenced “street fashion”. This is when people plan their outfits in advance for work, school, restaurants or even brunch with friends.

Television programs have the power to influence ratings, politics, reinforce stereotypes and have an impact on the social aspects of viewers’ lives. We can’t fail to mention that television has also spread prejudice against certain minority groups. Think of the way transgender people have always been portrayed on TV before shows like Pose and Drag Race arrived on our screens.

Let’s not forget that the TV set is a home accessory and that we take the time to buy the one that suits our aesthetic. Aside from what the TV broadcasts, it’s an essential part of the home that needs to fit in with the spirit of the space. The TV set itself is an essential element of the home that must fit in with the ethos of the space.