Steve Thairu Mbaki


Androgyny is the perfect blend of femininity and masculinity where one is not afraid to experiment with masculinity and femininity. It means being in charge of my identity.  It is the freedom to experiment and just have fun with fashion without fear of having to conform to labels that society is constantly trying to impose on us.

This collection that I worked on in 2017 spoke to my aesthetic. It was created in Kenya and print design was my main focus. It was influenced bt the Destijl, neoplasticism, Art Movement.

Androgyny is all about equality and expressing art.

Proponents of De Stijl inspired it; influenced by Cubist painting as well as by the mysticism which advocated pure abstraction and universality by a reduction to the essentials of form and colour. The De Stijl movement posited the fundamental principle of the geometry of straight lines, the square, and the rectangle, combined with a strong asymmetricality. This inspired the print, structure and form of the clothes.

Like androgyny it did not follow the general guidelines. De Stijl did not borrow “-ism for example Cubism, Futurism and Surrealism to name a few movements nor did it adhere to the principles of art schools like the Bauhaus; it was a collective project, a joint enterprise. De Stijl embraced minimalism- Partly a reaction against the decorative excesses of Art Deco, the reduced quality of De Stijl art was envisioned by its creators as a universal visual language appropriate to the modern era, a time of a new, spiritualized world order. 

Trends I used for the collection:

  • Use of 5 triangles to represent the lgbtq as the main print.
  • Deconstructed shirting.
  • Structured, oversized Jackets and t-shirts  
  • Tassels. 
  • Folds and pleats on pants.
  • Colour: Primary shade colours

What brought it together

  • Wide arms/ Crop tops 
  • Its sheer nature
  • Long t-shirts with interesting backs 
  • Cut out and weird structure on t-shirts, shirts and jackets 
  • Slits on jackets
  • Sleeveless 
  • Trousers inside shorts
  • High waisted pants 
  • Long t-shirts